Group meetings

Date Title Presenter arXiv Journals
03.20.17 minig update Matt Randy
03.13.17 Journal club
03.06.17 Fountain update Vicky Kayleigh
02.27.17 Journal club
02.13.17 Eric's practice qual Philipp Eric
02.06.17 Journal club
01.30.17 Microscope update Xuejian Weicheng
01.23.17 Journal club
01.09.17 Cavity update Ryan Chenghui
12.12.16 Journal club
12.05.16 Lithium update Richard Jeremy
11.28.16 Journal club
11.21.16 minig update Osip Ryan
11.14.16 Journal club: 2D atomic arrays on demand Matt Fei
10.31.16 Fountain update Matt Fei
10.24.16 Journal club: Kasevich gradiometer Kayleigh Vicky
10.17.16 Microscope update Osip Schwartz Kayleigh Vicky
10.10.16 Journal club: Tino's lattice interferometer, g-factor proposal Philipp Weicheng and Eric
10.03.16 Cavity update Vicky Xu Philipp Weicheng and Eric
09.26.16 Decoherence effects of dark matter Kathryn Zurek
08.08.16 Lithium bowtie fringe update Eric Copenhaver
07.19.16 Flying gradiometer brainstorm Xuejian Wu
07.11.16 Journal barrage Everyone
05.02.16 Planning meeting Eric
04.11.16 Phase contrast TEM Osip Schwartz Chenghui Xuejian
03.28.16 Chat
3.14.16 minig update Xuejian Wu Richard Ryan
2.15.16 Lithium update Eric Copenhaver Weicheng Philipp
2.1.16 Fountain update Richard Parker Eric Matt
1.18.16 Work summary of an atom interferometer project Xiao Chai (Fudan) Jiafeng Osip
11.23.15 Fountain update Chenghui Yu Ryan Xuejian
10.26.15 Kayleigh's Qual Talk Kayleigh Cassella Jordan Richard
09.28.15 Electron Microscopy pitch Osip Schwartz Matt Eric
08.31.15 Cavity Update Matt Jaffe Philipp Jiafeng
08.17.15 MiniG Update Xuejian Wu Osip Jiafeng
08.03.15 Brian's Qual Talk Brian Estey Xuejian Xuejian
05.18.15 Cold Lithium Interferometry Update Eric Copenhaver Chen Jordan
05.04.15 Slowing electron waves with light Osip Schwartz Kayleigh Chenghui
04.06.15 Atom interferometry limits on dark energy Paul Hamilton Eric Matt
02.14.14 First fringes from the cesium cavity interferometer Paul Hamilton
04.18.14 LI Talk Loic Anderegg
05.02.14 Cs Talk Brian Estey
05.22.14 Cavity Update Matt Jaffe

Journal club

The mission of our journal club is to help us remain updated on the state of the art in our field and closely related fields. There are two facets to the structure or our journal club that each fit into our group meetings.

First, group meetings feature a presentation every other week from a group member about a project in the group (or something else, perhaps) and a brief barrage of titles from peer-reviewed journals and the arXiv. The title barrages could include short explications of the papers, but we will try to avoid long conversations to save time for group presentations. After the titles are presented, we'll vote on which article the entire group would like to read in greater depth. One person will be assigned to the journals and another will be assigned to the arXiv. They'll each identify the relevant papers to hit the press since the last group meeting. The staple journals are PRL, PRA, Science, Nature, and eager students might elect to peruse PRX, PRB, PRD, and Optics Letters. The arXiv deserves a focus primarily on the Atomic physics category, but there are secondarily relevant categories like Quantum gases and Quantum physics (which is particularly full of junk). The arXiv also defaults their "recent" papers to the past week, while we often require looking for articles in the past two weeks. To find older papers, daily arXiv provides a good tool.

The second facet of our journal club structure occurs in the weeks between group presentations. On those weeks, we'll get together and discuss in depth the article we've all elected to read. At least two people will be responsible for having read that article in depth. This responsibility will fall, by default, to those two who have just crawled the arXiv and journals (those on whose articles we voted). They'll lead a discussion about the paper among the whole group. This discussion will be most useful when everyone has ready the paper, so everyone should make it a point to do so!

Current journal clubbers: Matt, Philipp, Kayleigh, Vicky, Eric, Xuejian, Fei, Weicheng, Chenghui, Richard, Osip, Jeremy, Ryan


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